You’re the Voice. Really.

You're the Voice. Really

You’re the Voice. Really.

Today I heard the song that I have heard many times sung by John Farnham, it has been re-purposed and is now being sung by a group of women who are inspiring 1,000,000 women to speak up, to rise up and not to live in silence. To be heard and to be acknowledged for whom they are and what they believe. To inspire climate action, and hope for women worldwide.

With the ‘arrival’ of Donald Trump, we have seen all over the planet women gather and march together to raise their voices in protest, to show that as women we are no longer going to be forgotten, silenced or shut down.

Senator Bernie Sanders said, “Women are not going back to second-class citizenship. They are going forward, and the vast majority of men will support their struggle. We are all in this together.”

The Golden Woman movement has been inspired by the very sentiment that is being expressed by these women right across the globe. 

We were compelled to be a practical and inspirational group of women bringing the means of these timely goals into reality. To teach women new ways of becoming empowered, of speaking their truth and living their lives.  To uncover our purpose and to stand together with men equal and loving.

It is the time for us. It is time for us to stand up and speak. To begin the journey back to being fully empowered and all that we can be. It is the time for us to use the wisdom, collective heart and great power within us to inspire change and hope across the world. To take our places, to have a real seat at the table and to get on and bring the strong brilliant feminine voice to life for the good of all humanity.

This is one of my great passions.  Empowered Communication.

But how do we begin? Begin to speak up?  That’s the question really isn’t it? For when the habit is to stay quiet, how can we make the change to speaking?

Yes it’s easier in a group I’ll give you that.  But how do we begin in our everyday lives to make the transition from silence to empowered communication.

s easier in a group I’ll give you that.  But how do we begin in our everyday lives to make the transition from silence to empowered communication.

Where does the courage come from? 

So this is what I’m doing:

In those very tricky situations when I am not sure what to say or do, when I am triggered, and really I don’t agree with the other person I do this:-

I pause, breathe, and centre myself. 

This buys me some time to work out “How will I respond”.

Then I remember and say to myself in my own head, “ I am strong and confident, I am wise and valuable to the world and I have an opinion about this”.

Then depending on what is going on, I have a couple of choices here.

I either say, “Let me think about that”, (which buys me more time and space to decide how to respond and what I really think), and not be in the position of agreeing to something that I might regret at a later time, or that I am too emotionally charged to make sense, (that happens to me sometimes),


I acknowledge what has been said to me by repeating back to the person what they have said, making sure that I understood exactly what their point was and that they know I have heard them and got it.

Acknowledgement is powerful, but does not mean agreement.

Then I then state my position from a centred place, with an attitude of solving the problem, not creating an opponent.

This is a roadmap for overcoming the moments of shut down, silence or terror at disagreeing with someone else. It takes practice, and a determination not to remain silent for a whole lifetime.

The world needs your particular flavour of wisdom. Let it out, with skill and love.

So where does the courage come from? It comes from doing it of course.

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