It’s Spring time properly!

How wonderful, each of us here in the Southern Hemisphere, are hopefully feeling the transition from the cold of  Winter into the warmth of the Sun and Summer. Meantime we get to experience Spring, the natural bursting of nature in trees, blossoms, new baby birds, lambs, children, and all that nature has for us.

Spring heralds the bounty that is coming! Renewal and regeneration are all around us.

So what about US!  This is also a time for looking at our overall Wellness and Wellbeing.

Time to spring clean our body, our home, our relationships and our work environment.

With each of these there are also many different facets to consider.

There is the physical cleaning of the body as well as the emotional, the mind and head cleaning, and the spiritual purification.

I know that sounds like a lot, and that it could be impossible to do all of that however you might like to choose a couple and run with those.

For some you will find it a wonderful challenge leaping in with gusto and joy to all of it.

So what is WELLNESS!!

Wellness is a state of being healthy, physical health. 

Truly jumping out of your skin with energy and health.  All systems firing and working at full capacity.  Now you will know exactly what I am talking about, and if you don’t feel like that, then this is the time to start to put together a health program for yourself to help you find that energy and feeling of being alive and truly well physically.

Here are three areas of physical health to give you a kick -start:

1. You may want to up your exercise, or in fact institute an exercise program, beginning with easy and simple ways to implement this change into your life.  Perhaps you could do more than one walk a week, and now do two or three.

2. Have a look at the quality of your food, could this be improved.

Remembering that fresh fruit and vegetables are absolutely vital to your health and receiving enough of the nutrients and nourishment that your body needs for vitality is key to your health improving. Fresh fruit is often thought to be a source of weight gain, however if you swap cakes and unrefined sugar  for fresh fruit, (natural sugars) you will be stunned by the weight reduction.

3. Water and hydration are absolutely vital to your health. Make sure you are hydrating every day with plenty of water, coconut water, or water with a dash of lemon juice, which gives the water an energy of being alive, that plain water doesn’t have.

Watermelon juice, and cucumber and apple juice are also jammed packed with hydrating properties. And incredibly delicious!

And WELLBEING is a more holistic approach to life, including wellness, but much more than that.

Wellbeing is a deep feeling of inner happiness and contentment, which comes from being happy and in full acceptance of everything in your life.  Nothing is ever perfect, however the feeling of general wellbeing is in full acceptance of our lives because we feel full rather than running on empty, disempowered or disheartened and disenchanted.

How to improve our general wellbeing:-

1. Make sure you have time for yourself. Every woman needs to re-fuel. Do things by yourself to recharge your batteries.

2. Look after your home and your living environment, so that you feel nurtured and happy to be in the energy of your home.  Do what it takes to create this beautiful place that is where you live.

3. Meditate, chant, go quiet and give yourself time to re-charge your energy field.

4. Connection to self and to others is vital for our sense of wellbeing. Being heard and seen and witnessed keeps us feeling loved, nurtured and grounded.  Reach out and connect.

5. Find ways to laugh and be happy. Be aware of your inner landscape and look for ways to stay positive whilst still being inner reflective about the stuff you have to process.

6. Balance is important.  Balancing work and home time is important for all of us. Look for ways to enjoy both areas of your life. Really focus on work when you are there and really focus on being at home when you are there. I know most of us are at home all the time at the moment, so look and discover new ways to make them separate. 

And lastly know that whatever is going on for you will probably change, as that is the only thing we can guarantee. Change is a natural part of our lives and when we don’t resist it, it is so much easier to manage.

Have a brilliant week, love Antoinette

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