Tips to Build Self-Trust

Tips to Build Self-Trust

Be in alignment with your values.

Have healthy boundaries that you stick to.

Make and keep a promise to yourself every day.

Listen to your body.

Honour to your inner knowing.

Bring forward your kind inner voice to talk to yourself.

Back yourself.

Acknowledge your feelings.

Forgive yourself.

Sometimes in the past we have done things where we have let ourselves down. Maybe we have been out of integrity, ignored our inner knowing and shut down the messages in our body.

Next, comes the self-criticism and judgement. It is really disappointment. We are disappointed in ourselves and it becomes an intense self-criticism which over time becomes shame.

Shame is one of the lowest vibrational feelings we can have. It shrinks us, make us feel less than, unworthy, and unlovable.

We can consciously rebuild self-trust. By consistently applying the tips above, maintaining our integrity and getting clear on, and aligning with our values.

What has your journey been with self-trust? What are your tips?

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