The Myth of Divine Punishment

The Myth of Divine Punishment

Most of us have grown up with an image of the Divine as a punishing, all seeing God.  A God that sees us hit our brother or take an extra sweet as a child.  There is a feeling of always being watched in an unsettling way.

What I have learnt is that I am the watcher and the judger.  Source is not judging me in this way.  I take a sweet, and I don’t have permission.  I feel guilty.  Source does not want me to feel guilt or self-hatred for this act.

Sometimes we even feel that upsetting things in our life are because we have not been good enough somehow in the Divine eye.  We are being punished for something we have done.

Usually this is something we cannot forgive ourselves for.  It has nothing to do with the Divine wanting to punish us, it is our own lack of forgiveness.  This is where we can cultivate more self-compassion.  Sometimes self-love is too much.  It is too much of a jump to move from self-hate to self-love, but I find for myself moving to self-compassion is a smaller jump.  An easy way to do this is to imagine what you might say to a friend who has made the same mistake.

Cultivating self-compassion brings a softness of spirit, and creates an environment of allowing around us.  Others feel safer around us and we can connect with other people more deeply.

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