There are so many wonderful and different ways to “lose one’s mind”, so to speak, in order to come into the moment, out of our heads and into full conscious awareness.

So many people say to me that they just can’t meditate.  They are not able to sit quietly, and just be.  Well, in this day and age when we have that 24-hour news cycle, and we are living in unprecedented times, it is a big thing to make the decision to take time out for yourself let alone sit silently and either stare at a candle or just be quiet and in the moment.

The mind will give us so many tasks and offers so many different distractions to stop us from stopping, listening, quieting the mind and the body.

And yet when we do, life is different.  So different!! Any form of meditation, (and there are many forms) allows space and spaciousness within us where our energy and soul is able to expand out of the box we may be in, into a wider more conscious way of living.

We can come out of the rut, or the very concrete negative beliefs and ways of being that we may have inadvertently fallen into.

Life can bring a lighter brighter outlook, with more peace, tranquillity and contentment.

So, what are the different forms of meditation? Here are a selection:

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Healing Meditation
  • Guided Visualization Meditation
  • Buddhist Meditation
  • Transcendental Meditation (Vedic)
  • Mantra/chanting Meditation – Power of Sanskrit sound meditations
  • Walking Meditation – Including Labyrinth meditation
  • Nature Meditation 
  • Angelic Meditation

Because once you investigate the different kinds, you can begin to choose what will work for you.

This week I will explore all of these different forms with you, beginning today with:-

Walking Meditation – Labyrinth and Nature

Labyrinth walking is an ancient practice that has existed for hundreds of years used by many faiths for spiritual centring contemplation and prayer. 

As you begin the journey, you hold a question or prayer in your mind, and then begin to walk, letting go of all thoughts and just follow the journey of the Labyrinth to the centre where you stand with your eyes closed, centring in your heart and then be still, silent and in the moment. You may receive a message or feel more at peace, as your consciousness expands and you allow spiritual guidance to come in.  

Through walking the Labyrinth, over and over we become more attuned to the practice and the depth of our experience can increase.

There are always days when we are more distracted and our thoughts are more profuse.  However, when we are centred and steady and see the journey in the labyrinth ahead of us as a meditation, our mind is prepared and we are ready to let go and just be there walking one foot in front of the other in quiet contemplation and then wonderful peace can rain down on us.  We can feel truly in our bodies, centred and at one with our spirits.

Walking in Nature – as a Meditation

Walking in nature is another very uplifting way of meditating.  When we commune with nature, with an awareness of our surroundings, we can be lifted up through being in the energy of trees, land, earth, sky, oceans or water and the prana around us.  It’s a wonderful way to begin a meditation journey. 

For when we start to expand our consciousness and become truly aware of the great creation around us we are filled with this good nurturing energy.  It stills our minds and lifts our hearts and our spirits.

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