Reconnecting with the Earth

Reconnecting with the Earth

I am sitting on a train heading from Sydney to Bowral (a beautiful town to the south of Sydney) witnessing first-hand the devastation of the fires. I live in Sydney; I have lived through the days and days of thick smoke covering the city. I have brushed the ash from my washing and looked on sadly at the murky, deep red setting sun on those days. Knowing that my country is burning. 

I have felt inwardly overwhelmed by the magnitude of it. When I saw maps that show the equivalent of Southern England all on fire, I simply couldn’t comprehend it. Even though I am here, living in Sydney, in the middle of it all. I have friends who have been evacuated at different times, other friends with their bags packed by the door ready to leave in a moment with their essentials if they are called to.

The energy of the fires has felt overwhelming to me, and I guess it has been ‘out of control’. It is only in the last week with some VERY welcome rain that things have calmed down. With that natural calming I have become conscious of a level of disconnect from the Earth during that time. A subtle feeling that if I deeply connect with the intense heat, and ferocious burning, it will burn me on some level. At the time, I was not aware of these unconscious feelings.

When the elements are out of balance in nature as they have been, it puts everything out of balance, and maybe connecting with the surface of the Earth is not the best thing to do. So, I have been practicing connecting to the molten core of iron in the centre of the Earth, the heart of the Earth, a place that has a deep, profound creative silence. I do this by sending my energy straight down into the core of the Earth whilst staying connected to my body. Like a line of energy reaching down to meet the Earth heart. When I connect, I know because my own heart reacts and expands. I feel more stable, grounded and solid.

I then like to connect above, to Source. I imagine a bright white light or huge, expansive, silent void and send energy from my heart up to that point. I am then connected to the Earth and Source, a fully present and connected human being. 

How have you stayed connected to the Earth through this time? If you feel to share what you have been doing below.

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