REAL Confidence is…

REAL Confidence is…

A deep sense of self-trust.

Not having a seek approval from others.

Being able to show others your weaknesses.

Being aligned with your values.

Knowing that you can ‘own’ your mistakes.

Being okay to ‘fail’.

Knowing you can forgive yourself.

Knowing you always love yourself.

In my experience real confidence is something that builds over time and is founded in staying aligned with your values. I find in my work that it is the times we have been out of alignment with our values that we struggle with the most. We feel disappointed in ourselves and struggle to forgive ourselves and our confidence is affected.

In staying aligned with our values, we build more and more self-trust. We know deeply that our intentions are well-meant, and that we are trying our best to stay aligned with them.

When we have real confidence we don’t need to be approved of by others, we can be on our own path, with our own ideas and ‘live and let live’. Confidence also comes from showing others our weaknesses and ‘owning’ our mistakes. A wonderful advocate of mistake making is #brenebrown. Her work on this topic is well researched and totally inspiring!

What else do you think creates real confidence?

Some hints:

Work with your inner critic.

Make a list of all your achievements.

Encourage yourself.

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