In order that we live a good balanced and healthy life, there are many parts to Wellness.

Today I would like to raise with you the wellness that comes from the food that we eat.

Everything that goes into our body counts.  Everything! The consciousness of the food, the freshness of the food, the colour of the food, the way it’s cooked all affects how nutritious and how good it is for the magnificent computer-like organism that our physical body is.

For many years I have eaten what I thought was a healthy diet, in order to get on with what I wanted to do. Usually, that would be to work.  So food has been primarily for me that thing that has to be done in order to “do” stuff. That would mean that I would eat sugar to keep going, buckets of tea to stay focused and all in all I have had no idea really, (no conscious awareness), how much it has damaged my body.

My body has been a secondary consideration.  I have had many bouts of special diets to lose weight when my sugar addiction, cheese addiction, bread addiction had become unpleasant and unfortunately the kilos would return after the said, “diet”.  Slowly it would all escalate again.

That is until I received some very unpleasant news about my health.  Now it’s not life-threatening as yet, however worrying enough to find that my adult children were having zoom meetings to discuss my disinterest in my health and my lack of action in light of the information.

This actually rocked me, and as my son in law had sent me the Medical Medium book the blue one, shortly after being in hospital I read it.

Well, firstly it’s fresh food, (my favourite) and secondly, the author Anthony Williams works with a Master of Compassion and the Angels.  And if anyone knows me well they would know this is like winning the lottery for me. I have had a long twenty-year relationship with the Angels and I was immediately excited and interested.

Since then, it was in April of this year, I have meticulously followed a completely different way of eating and cooking or not cooking my food.

I have been so surprised how remarkably well I feel, I have lost lots of weight, which was not the objective, but thankful for that as well, and I have reduced my symptoms and damage to my body quite dramatically.  A very shocked doctor told me that my blood tests were normal and she was quite surprised and puzzled as to why this would be, however when I mentioned that I had radically changed my diet, she was less than interested. So interesting!!

Now I don’t expect anyone to do the big turn around that I have done, however, I am going to politely implore you to be more curious and discerning about the food that you are eating.

Food is such a hot topic and I am not the food police.  I am so shocked that I have just blinded myself for so many years about it being okay to eat all that sugar,  not enough fruit and vegetables, even though I really thought I was, and not really understanding that in preparing your food, properly for your body is the greatest act of self-love that there is.

Yes, self-love.  Many of us who meditate believed many years ago that, “I am not my body”.  Well, I am here to say that yes we are.  Our body is a great gift, it’s like the Temple for our Soul.  Its special, remarkable, wise, and so helpful to us in so many ways, that it really is time for us to respect it more than we have done.

So whatever it is that works for you, do it.  Don’t delay, don’t wait until you are sick, or exhausted or lacking energy. 

Commit to the greatest act of Self Love that I know, feed your self well!!

Be grateful for your beautiful body, whatever shape or age it is.  Be inspired by the remarkable things that it can do and love it back to full health.

Love to you all

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