So who hasn’t worried about money?  Very few people I suspect.  

We can either worry that we have no money, or that we have lots of money.

We worry about how we are going to make ends meet, survive or we worry about how we going to hold onto it, in case someone wants to take it from us, swindle it from us, or we are going to be foolish and lose it.

So which category do you fit into?

There are many underlying issues around money that can be triggered when we begin to worry about it.  And they are in fact the basis for the worries.

For example, if we are experiencing a lack of money and we come from a family that have had money worries, then we may be triggered to believe that we will also have the same issues of lack and poverty, and all that goes with that.

Alternatively, we may be terrified of losing our money because in our family someone has done just that which led to hardship and poverty.  

These situations in themselves are common.  How we manage them is the area of growth for us all. And as we are living through extraordinary times, all of us are uncertain of what the future holds. We could all go down the black hole but that would certainly do nothing to assist us in finding ways to lift up, practical steps to overcome adversity and together build a great way forward.

Remembering that what we focus our attention on grows, I would suggest to you that “worrying” is only going to exacerbate the situation. Meaning it will only make it much worse, at either end of the spectrum.

So how do we come out of worry, and move into a more positive attitude to create money and learn how we deal with it or the lack of it.

Knowing that worrying is destructive and can cause lack of sleep, wastes your time, costs you your quality of life, can strain your relationships and ultimately you can become depressed and unhealthy,

Here are my tips for this week about how to manage MONEY WORRIES:

  1. Deal with your mind first, find a positive affirmation to stop your mind going into fear and worry eg: Everything turns out for me. My life works easily and effortlessly.
  2. Find a way to be grateful for what you do have, what you have achieved and what you have already overcome. We are all so awesome when we really remember what and where we came from!!!!
  3. Fully accept where you are now! Resisting what is happening, or pretending is futile. It will find you and the best way forward is to be in the NOW and deal with it by taking positive steps – action.
  4. Finding ways to be in your body through meditating or praying is also very helpful. Within each and every one of us lies our intuition and wisdom.  We just have to be quiet enough to listen and hear it.
  5. Sometimes being brave and imagining the worst-case scenario is a great way to know what the worst is.  In this situation, you imagine it and then work out what practical steps you would take. (This is a much more valuable exercise than worrying.) eg: If I lose my home I will live with my mother or best friend. 
  6. Focus on solutions and a pathway forward. Eg: paying the debt, asking for financial help, or getting advice on how to use your money and really going inside yourself to “know”, that a decision is right for you.
  7. Spend time in nature to help your disposition and energy stay buoyant and positive.
  8. Exercise, run, walk dance or go to the gym whatever will help you to shift the energy in your body to a positive outlook, even for a time.
  9. Know that you will get through this, come what may and that this too will pass!!!

I wish us all very good energy and blessings in finding our way through the current situation we may find ourselves in.  And remember that what you focus your energy on grows, so it’s up to you to be positive and set a positive intention for yourself to easily get through this difficult time.

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