Meet the Founders


Two powerful leaders and mentors, who share a vision to help women rediscover who they truly are and what they need for every stage and every season of their life.

40 years of combined intensive spiritual training from different traditions, a great joy for discovery, and the fearless courage that calls transformation, they offer Golden Women Mastery to help you:

  • Have powerful tools to master the storms of everyday life
  • Liberate yourself from limiting thoughts and unmanageable emotions
  • Connect deeply to your spirit, nature and your sense of the Divine and sacred
  • Develop deeper trust in yourself, your vision and reach your greater purpose
  • Activate your feminine power
  • Be assertive, courageous and confident
Our Shared Mission

Our Shared Mission

Our Mission is to be there for you as you remember your truth, your reason and your majesty. Through this service, focussed energy and channeled knowledge we will provide education, tools for transformation, healing, guidance and support. Our heartfelt desire is to play our part in the revelation of your mission and purpose.
Our Shared Vision

Our Shared Vision

We acknowledge that we have been brought together through divine intention. We surrender to the unknowable wonder, that is emerging in every moment, to serve womanhood/kind in all its beauty, nuance and diversity. We are not bounded by borders or territories and will follow our unified hearts’ guidance wherever it leads to open awareness, raise the conscious stakes, unlock the gifts and activate golden women everywhere.
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