Meet the Founders


Two inspirational leaders who share a vision to awaken the most conscious women on the planet.


Jennifer Nurick

I love to see people light up and beam their light into the world. Throughout my career I have practiced and taught several powerful transformative modalities including reiki, kinesiology, Energetic Healing and Psychotherapy. I have been immersed in spiritual practices from many traditions and spent seven years training energetic healers and running the largest meditation and healing centre in Sydney. The culmination of this experience and guidance is my part in founding the Golden Woman Centre; an academy of feminine knowledge and wisdom, helping to bring women together, re-awaken their feminine and rebalance the male/female energies globally. It’s a big and bold dream and I invite you to share this journey with us.

Antoinette Sampson

I love being a woman. I love helping women to remember who they are! I come from a big family of strong women. I have taught hundreds and hundreds of girls and women throughout my career in the fields of the Arts, Personal Growth and Spiritual Development. My work teaching and directing at the National Institute of Dramatic Art, and as the Artistic Director of the Australian Theatre for Young People, as well as running my own performance coaching consultancy, has connected me with women of all kinds. I have helped bright and shy, bossy and retiring, broken and traumatised women to heal, wake up and have the confidence and self-belief to see who they are and what they are capable of achieving. My other great joy has been studying Western and Eastern mysticism, leading me to develop a unique approach to awaken women everywhere.

40 years of combined intensive spiritual training from different traditions, a great joy for discovery, and the fearless courage that calls transformation, they offer Golden Woman Mastery to help you:

  • Have powerful tools to master the storms of everyday life
  • Liberate yourself from limiting thoughts and unmanageable emotions
  • Connect deeply to your spirit, nature and your sense of the Divine and sacred
  • Develop deeper trust in yourself, your vision and reach your greater purpose
  • Activate your feminine power
  • Be assertive, courageous and confident
Our Shared Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading academy of higher learning, feminine knowledge and wisdom for women. We facilitate deep spiritual and personal growth for women of all nationalities, faiths, philosophies and ages.
Our Shared Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is a global network of communities of awakened women who are supporting one another to live their purpose, speak their truth and live consciously to re-balance the Feminine energy.