This week we are talking about enhanced relationships. So it got me thinking about what makes a good or happy and stable marriage.

The reason I titled this post, “Marriage by Collaboration” is that for me that’s exactly what has worked the best in my marriage.  

Collaboration,  which is the “action of working with someone to produce something”.  

When we marry we enter into a loving working partnership. Together you become your own “A” team.  You have fallen in love. This relationship is everything that you could have ever wished for, and for a time you live in that place which has been called the “Honeymoon” phase where bliss, fun, overcoming small challenges and working together to create the life of your dreams is unfolding beautifully.

It’s a bit like a dream job.  You think it has everything that you want and you believe it will be the answer to everything you have ever wanted in your life.

Then out of nowhere, something happens that you were really not expecting, and you work out that your marriage is not always perfect, you are not always perfect and neither is the job or your partner.

It’s at this point that it can all go to “hell in a hand-basket” if you have not

established some ground rules and practical tools to help manage the trials and challenges of a modern-day marriage or partnership.

So what do we need to navigate the trials and tribulations of living, growing and developing together?

These are my Golden Rules on how to collaborate and build your dream together.

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