INTUITION: The beginning of a lifelong relationship with my inner knowing

INTUITION: The beginning of a lifelong relationship with my inner knowing

Many, many, years ago on a work trip for ATYP in Paris, pregnant with my fourth child, I found myself leaving the Louvre, the famous Art Gallery in the center of the city, much later in the day than I had planned.  It was cold, very cold, I was tired and as I came out onto the street I noticed that there were no people about and no cars, in fact everything was quiet and silent and then it began to snow.

I was only five months pregnant, standing on the pavement without a proper coat and being prone to bronchitis and asthma at that time, and not speaking French fluently I became anxious and concerned that I would not get back to the Hotel, or find a taxi, or every other wild or catastrophic thing that ran through my head. 

I looked around and then began to walk, I had no clue how to get back to the hotel, or if I could walk, get the Metro or a bus.  It was absolutely deserted, in every direction. It was quite eerie.

And then my mind settled. Something in me said, “It will be  alright, listen”.

I have found that when I am pregnant, which I have been four times, I am much more deeply connected to my Feminine Wisdom.  And as I walked away from the Louvre, feeling anxious, a voice within me quite loudly said, “Not that way, walk in the other direction”.

Although I have been connected to my intuition all of my life, this was the most palpable and loudly received message that I had ever had.

Immediately I turned around and really not knowing which direction I was heading in, totally lost, (remember this was before mobile phones and maps), I obeyed my inner voice.  

I actually listened to me. And without any hesitation, I continued to walk down this deserted road under self- instruction, around a corner and wow, there it was, a vacant taxi right in front of me, with its little light on top that said TAXI Parisienne. 

Oh, I was so relieved, and happy and instantly grateful as I jumped into the car, and gave him my Hotel address, grateful that I had listened. 

Now this may seem on the surface just a sweet story, not really that profound or amazing.  But it is symptomatic of how a life can be lived in connection or without it. I have found that learning to listen to that voice within completely changes your life.

Totally!  And that the more that you do listen to the quiet (or noisy), voice within, the more confident you become in yourself. Real confidence grows when we follow our intuition or inner guidance.

I have also experienced situations where I have not listened to my inner voice, when I have overridden my gut feeling, the messages from the Angels or my deep inner wisdom and have suffered deeply as a consequence, for this lack of belief and attention. 

In these situations my linear brain has taken over and I have been completely in my male, doing energy and not in my feminine, being energy. Shut off from the vast knowledge of my feminine wisdom.

I understand now that we need both feminine and masculine energy to be balanced, practical and peaceful. 

Real success is listening, and making the choice that is right for you.

At times we all forget, I’d love to know what helps you to listen to your inner knowing? What tips do you have?

Au revoir!!

Photo: Jen Theodore

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