Remember Your Majesty

Inner Queen is a fabulous 2-day seminar of learning brilliant new skills, discovering more about yourself, sharing stories and insights, breakthroughs, new beginnings, new friendships and deep transformation.

Ovecome your anxiety and build your confidence. Your confidence is like a sleeping lioness waking up and ready to roar! The tools and skills you will learn will help you to feel at ease in any situation, unlock your personal magnetism and to speak with heart and authenticity. You! Confident! The Queen of who you are and what you give out to the world!

Join us for this fantastic event - June, Rydges Hotel, North Sydney.

Saturday/Sunday 9.00am-5.30pm


The Golden Life Techniques™

Powerful energy management that you can practice every day to become a Queen of Confidence. These techniques, deep and profound and embedded deeply into your heart will make a huge difference in your life.

This is the culmination of our 40 years of combined experience in personal development, psychology, spirituality and energy management, that we have distilled into incredible life techniques that will build your confidence, bust burnout and change the way you operate in the world.

We’ll help you boost your energy so you feel confident all of the time and walk through life with real presence, manage difficult and dysfunctional situations, and reduce anxiety and burnout that affects so many women and holds them back in their relationships and careers.


You are the Star of your Life

Learn how to tap into your natural charisma, magnetism and star power. This will work for you if you’re aiming for that dream job, pitching ideas to your boss....or looking for the person who is really going to get you. Or maybe you are already in a relationship and you want it to go to another whole new level? This is for you!

Become the person you dreamed of. Somewhere inside you is a voice and an energy calling to be awakened. You may already have a dream; we’ll give you the tools and confidence to run joyfully into it. You are ready to step into your highest potential. Be the most magnetic woman in the room - a Queen of Confidence.


Feel Confident. Go Stratospheric

Confidence is a quality that isn’t always loud and gregarious; it can also be humble and modest. But when that time comes to stand in your truth and the fullness of your power, in whatever situation, and turn on that light of inspiration that generates from you, you’ll know that you have inside you the confidence you need. The techniques and ideas we will work you through apply whether it’s on the stage, in the boardroom, at a family event, or having a difficult conversation. to access that power.

Unless you back yourself, nobody else will. Many women believe that everything will be ok when someone gets behind them. We believe that that won't happen unless you take the first step. We’ll go into a lot of depth around this, how to make the ‘idea’ of it real in your life.


A life-changing event where you will overcome anxiety and build your confidence

• Your ticket to the awesome Inner Queen weekend seminar.

PLUS Membership to a wonderful support network through the Golden Woman Facebook page.

PLUS the Golden Life Techniques meditations download that you can use every day and will become an integral part of your energy management routine.

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