I can see clearly now

Woman standing in front of smoke

I can see clearly now

Over the past few months we have all seen the devastation and suffering being experienced the length and breadth of the East coast of Australia,  the West and the Southern areas around Adelaide and Kangaroo Island with drought and fires ravaging our country.

And in amongst dealing with these terrible disasters, hearing many different points of view about how and why this has happened, I am wondering how to begin the process of sifting the information, and then taking action.

Listening in and around all of these conversations, I would like to help. Help our planet, help women and help myself to manage the great changes that we are experiencing through these climate events; and also the changes that we need to make in order that we are prepared for whatever comes and then to do whatever is necessary to ensure a safer and healthier planet. 

And because I work with women, helping them to be more confident, and consciously aware of their own potential and innate brilliance, it’s now time for women to listen to the information and then make some decisions as to how we can really help with “new ways” of doing things. 

Living on our planet in a more sustainable way.

How can we assist those still wanting to use the “old ways” of thinking and doing, (what we have always done), to be changed and transformed into healthier and gentler ways of living on the planet?  

How do we sift through the masses of information to make new personal decisions, for ourselves and with our families? All of us are being asked to engage now. It is time to have an opinion, to stand up and to support those who have a plan.  

It’s just a matter of deciding what you stand for and then taking action.

Much of what I hear is that nothing can be changed because it might impact on our way of life.  But hasn’t our life now been impacted so massively that we have to make changes?  

For example, when I hear about the coal industry, and how our politicians are worrying about the country towns that may be affected, I am more worried that there won’t be any country towns left after the droughts with no water and the fires to worry about. They will be gone.  

And our inaction will be forever known. Our pretending that it will go away will be forever remembered as the most culpable behaviour that the world has known.

Wanting to keep our lives exactly the same, having all that we have at the expense of our planet, is no longer viable.  

We must be prepared to make changes! Take actions. And don’t be mistaken – every action will count. Every action will matter. There is not one individual who will make the difference – it will be a collective effort; a family, a tribe, a community, a country, a gender, a planet. So every action no matter how small will count. So don’t worry if you’re not inspired to make a grand gesture, or a global statement. Just start.

I am going to grow vegetables. Never use the clothes dryer. Take the train to Sydney and not drive my car. And support all of the women that I know to make their changes, whatever they may be. 

Just start. Start now.

I have a pair of hands to help in whatever way I am called upon to do so. This is my stand. This is where I take more responsibility for my footprint, and my contribution to the problem; and from here on being part of the solution. 

What is your stand?  What are you thinking about? How can you help to save our country and our planet?

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