I am a very positive and enthusiastic person, however, throughout our lives, there are times when we find ourselves feeling hopeless and out of ideas!

Recently I had a health issue that I thought had been dealt with and then there it was again. I was so deeply disappointed, sad, miserable and I had a feeling of helplessness. Not like me at all! And yet the feelings were very real, and could not be discounted.

So during my mini health crisis, I found that I needed to sleep and rest and recuperate my energy and physical body. I read heaps of wonderful books on healing the physical body and being an expert in energy management and healing, I was curious about what could possibly help me at this time.

Somewhere inside me, I knew that I would be alright. But I really felt like I couldn’t wing it anymore, that I needed to find some answers that would truly benefit me and be a way forward out of this very sad and inner child feeling of helplessness.

Through the magical synchronicity of life, my son in law sent me another book, and if you know me you know I work with Angels, and this book is perfect for me as it includes lots of scientific data, practical information, health solutions, recipes, detox and Angels. 

Halleluiah! My heart bursts with hopefulness, enthusiasm and joy as I begin this new journey. It may not always go perfectly but I am so uplifted with hope in my heart that this is my journey, my healing and I am so grateful for it.

How could this have happened, its blown my mind. It has given me a strong and restored feeling of Hope, a path forward and renewed joy in fresh plant-based food.

Have faith in yourself, back yourself, your intuition, your heart, and never believe that it is not there for you, that beautiful energy, the starlight wonder of HOPE!

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