We can grow up with the feeling that grief is something reserved only for death. That only when someone leaves you physically is this feeling valid.⁣

I have learnt from years of therapy that grief IS valid in so many different situations. It is valid when you know your marriage is over. It is valid when your children move out. It is valid when you lose your job. It is valid if you receive a bad diagnosis, it is valid if you move to a new country. ⁣

There are so many varied situations where the word ‘sad’ just doesn’t cut what you are feeling. When my clients read through the feelings list, they know straight away… I’m more than sad. I’m feeling grief. ⁣

Please know that you are allowed to feel grief.⁣

Deep grief is part of what makes us human. The ability to feel deeply.⁣

Remember at these times to reach out. Sometimes friends and family are not the best people to support you. Sometimes it is incredibly beneficial to have a therapist be with you through your grief.

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