For me being a Grandparent is a huge gift. To be connected to a child or children through biology and ancestry, through our own children, gives us a deep and abiding love, affection and bond that is not the same as when I had my own children.  

Of course there is a huge bond with my own children, massive, wonderful, harrowing and mysterious at times.  There is all the stuff we have learnt together as parent/child, all of the surrendering and growing up together.  It’s what we call in the Golden Woman Centre, “a big piece of work”. Each child is different and unique coming in with all of their own great wisdom, love and lessons.  And together as parents we embark upon the “work” of raising them with as much skill as we can muster. And of course we make mistakes and have great success.  Our children’s lives are a big journey that does not end until we do. It’s full on!! And wonderful!!

Grandchildren, on the other hand, are an entirely different proposition. In my own experience they require, love, acceptance, fun, time and the opportunity to be themselves. Yes, unconditional love, within the constraints of not walking on the sofa constantly or painting in the sitting room. That being said, the joy in watching them grow and learn is immense. 

We have recently had another Grand child a little girl called Eva who is now approaching three weeks old. She is gorgeous!! And I am smitten!

Last week I had the opportunity to drive to Queensland and be with my son’s family for a few days.  It was magical.

Watching the baby acclimatise to being here on Earth, yes really, and knowing that she will grow into a young woman, a mother, a sister, (she has a big sister), a wife perhaps, a daughter and perhaps a daughter-in-law.  There are so many roles, so many relationships and so many stories and lessons to learn.

I am thrilled to say that my job is to love her. To read to her, be available for her, rock her and sing to her, support her and help her where I can. To help her to dress up and be anything that she would like to be.  To totally accept her for who she is, and to be the best that I can be for her and for all of my Grandchildren.

My eldest Grandson, (I have 5 grandchildren now!) and I have written speeches for school and practiced them together.  And belly laughed, and I have listened to his Saxaphone playing with complete joy.  He’s 10 now and so big I can’t believe where the time has gone. 

I am now looking forward to meeting the rest that are to come. I know there will be more.  How lucky am I!?!

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