The Foundation of Your Mastery

Golden Woman Mastery is an internationally accredited personal development and energy management program for awakening the most conscious women on the planet.

Golden Woman Mastery is our signature training for women seeking to develop personal mastery through energy management, a proprietary healing modality and understanding deep feminine mysteries and power.


Mastery for Work

Golden Woman Mastery provides you with knowledge and energy management tools to assert and promote your cause in your career; manage relationships in a wise and insightful way, and the courage to have difficult conversations standing in your feminine power.

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Mastery for Life

Golden Woman Mastery will help you rediscover your true self, unlock your genuine voice and remember your personal power as a custodian of the Divine Feminine. Whether it’s a healthy, equitable and loving relationship, a journey of self-discovery and transformation, or the quest of the Feminine Mystic, Golden Woman Mastery will give you the applied wisdom, skills and knowledge you need.

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Mastery for Vocation

If you are at a crossroads in your career, or are heeding the call from within to serve at a deeper level, successful completion of Golden Woman Mastery provides you with an international accreditation as a Golden Woman Facilitator with high-level competency in energy healing, counselling and facilitation; and equips you to start your own complementary therapy business.

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