So the topic for this week is “Finding Love”. And I have to be honest with you I’ve been thinking about it all day because there are so many different forms and types of Love that we could talk about.

There is, of course, romantic Love and finding that one special person that will resonate with your heart your values and sometimes is nothing like you envisioned for yourself, but nevertheless feels exactly right for you.

Then there is that Love between a mother and a child or a father and child that many people experience or yearn for. 

There is a Love that many people have with their pets, really joyous and unconditional love that can help to lighten their days and lift the worries of the world from their shoulders.

But finding Love is a more active and practical pastime than you might imagine. 

We have to be open to finding Love whichever form of love it is that you are looking for.

  1. Be open to Love not looking the way that you thought it would.
  2. Be courageous and take a chance when you feel something and rather than squash it down take a step towards LOVE.
  3. In order to find Love we have to be prepared to give Love.  It might not be in a romantic way, but in your life.  Whatever you want you have to be prepared to give first.  This is one of the universal laws that play’s out underneath everything.
  4. Do some service of some kind.  Help out at the school your child attends. Volunteer to help a charity or organisation of your choice or a member of your family.  When we give of ourselves miracles can happen because we come out of victim consciousness into another awareness and this provides the fertile field for change or finding Love.
  5. Spend some time thinking about what kind of Love you are looking for. Write an affirmation, which is a short powerful sentence to help kick start your search eg: It’s so fantastic that I have found the love of my life! 
  6. Don’t panic, or get overly attached to the outcome of every encounter or date.  Be firm in the knowledge that you will find him/her and that it’s just a matter of time, so relax and allow the unfolding of your story to occur.
  7. Be authentic and true to yourself.  Don’t pretend to be something that you are not, this only causes major problems in the long run, and your true love will not be able to recognise you unless you are yourself.
  8. When we are desperate our energy field screams of it and it can push people away.  So having lots of loving relationships in your life will help to create the energy of love around you, which opens up the channels of love and happiness.
  9. Remember that another person cannot fulfil all of our hopes and dreams.  We have to have our own hopes and dreams and when we join with another in love, we have combined hopes and dreams and our own as well.
  10. And most importantly, remember to LOVE YOURSELF, first.  You are your greatest love, and in loving yourself you once again open up the gates to someone else loving you!!

So remember to give as good as you get.  Love wholeheartedly, without remorse or caution.  Be vulnerable and open to truth, authenticity and making mistakes.

A good loving relationship takes so much work, and is so worth it!!

I wish you my love and support in finding Love.

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  1. Wanda says:

    I Thank this access and team, I am in daily trauma, live in very adverse & primitive environment both community & my own place.
    My i/net via mobile phone & very erratic quality, not on any media forum, strive to heal, getting overloaded by ‘helpful’ sites… also somewhat disheartened by the financial tones (all due respect to costings etc)
    YOURS is gentle, inviting, wise & nurturing.
    I read, gain benefit & freebies though not disrespectful. I on a pension, do donate thrice monthly & do intend to forward to your site someday.
    With much love & appreciation from both earthling and spirit 🕊🐸

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