DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS: (7 tips for having them)

DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS: (7 tips for having them)

I don’t know about you but in the past, I avoided Difficult Conversations, mainly because I didn’t want to create a negative response, or upset, cause shouting or fury, and the reason for this being, because I am the person who has always wanted to maintain “the peace”.  I now call this “false peace” and spend a lot of time talking about “speaking up” and being authentic. 

So learning to have these conversations has been big for me. And liberated me from fear and pain and procrastination.   I promise you it’s not worth it, in the long run, to stay silent and seething.  When we don’t have these conversations firstly things don’t change, the problem persists, its doesn’t magically disappear as we would like it to, and often we start to become separated from ourselves as we no longer live in our truth. And that is a dire consequence for then we stop trusting ourselves.

It took me years to be able to speak and have these conversations. To really know that it would be okay and that actually no one will die if I speak my truth, yes feathers may be ruffled and it might not be comfortable but in the long run it’s the most glorious feeling when you know that you are in alignment with your own values and heart.

Now we don’t want to create death maim and kill, with or our words so here are some tips to keep in mind before you begin the process.

It takes skill and commitment to learn and accomplish the art of the “Difficult Conversation”. But in doing so, you open yourself to a whole new universe of effective communication and joy.

Learning to set boundaries and to find self-empowerment in your relationships at work and at home will allow freedom and peace in all difficult situations: not always comfortable but always courageous and always empowering.

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