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In ordinary times we all need to make sure we are connected to communities, family friends and special people that really get us and have a deep regard and love for us.

And these are not ordinary but extraordinary times.

Connection is really important for mental health, happiness, wellbeing and keeping our spirits high.  Our common humanity is what binds us all together, remember that it doesn’t matter really who we share with, the important thing is to laugh, share and be connected to other human beings.

Now more than ever we need to be connected to each other, through whatever means is possible: mobile, zoom, Skype, walking buddies, over the back fence or the side fence for that matter. Talk, share, listen, whinge, uplift and generally get it off your chest, in order that you feel heard and witnessed. 

Connection to family either family of origin or our natural families is super important during these very uncertain times. What I mean by that is that our families of origin may in fact bring you great joy and comfort, as they listen and support you in whatever you are going through.

However for many people they do not have this kind of relationship with their families, and so they have formed what we call,  “natural families”,. These are people that come together because of a natural affiliation, and deep support of each other. They serve to be the same as families of origin without the baggage from childhood, and with a very loving and caring energy.

It doesn’t matter what kind of family or community you belong to, the message to you this week is make sure that you are actively participating in a family of your choice, connecting and being heard, laughing and remembering that we will all get through this time, hopefully stronger, more resilient and more loving.

Make the call, don’t be a stranger to people, don’t isolate, reach out and connect!

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