This week we are talking about Connecting with your Spirit.  

Why do we need to do this?

Each one of us is living in varying degrees of busyness. Mostly very busy and large numbers of us are overwhelmed and exhausted.

We often have children, demanding jobs, family, parents or commitments that weigh heavily upon our time.

So our energy can be very dissipated and frenetic.  Not settled, calm, centred or connected. 

The result of this is that we are not living inside of our bodies but more often than not, living in our minds and floating somewhere up above and only connected to our thoughts.

When we connect to our Spirit and come home to ourselves we can recalibrate, rejuvenate and be in our body connected to the essence of who we really are.

This is absolutely imperative for a happy and balanced life.  It doesn’t happen with material possessions or lots of social gatherings, it happens when we spend time in nature, alone, quiet and contented.  

These moments are like gold in our lives.  They are a life-line to the real essence of ourselves. The natural essence of who we are understands what we need and how to connect. 

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