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We all need to belong. It’s a human trait and as humans this connection to others and a sense of belonging brings a sense of peace.  We may not call it peace, it might be as they say with food, that Umami feeling, or feeling at ease, in the flow, or a strong sense of contentment.

To belong is important for us in many ways.  Connecting, being heard, being witnessed in whatever way is important for us, and being validated as a human being, with all of our eccentricities and flaws, as well as our brilliance and joy brings us into a place of happiness and security.

The regularity of participating in a community is ballast for each of us in these very uncertain times, holding us accountable to a time and place and to the people that we meet with.  Alternatively, it may be the school community that you meet with, your yoga class, a meditation group or an art class, sewing group or simply and deliciously a group of lovely friends who meet weekly to catch up.

Whilst being a loner can be good at times, when we need to reflect, go inside and process an experience or relationship and this can also bring a lot of insight and healing. 

What I am talking about though is the need for each of us to connect to others., and in doing so serving ourselves and the others.  The mutual benefit is tremendous. 

In a time where there are big shifts and changes occurring on the planet, in our cities and towns and in our own communities, this sense of belonging and closeness can help each of us to navigate these times with wisdom, kindness, humour and love.

So if you are not participating in a community at this time, it may be time to look for one. 

Research a group or community that you could attend in person, or online. You will know what resonates for you and be brave and go along.

“If we always do what we have always done we will always get what we have always got”. . . Courage sisters!!!

With love for a deeply connected week,

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