The process of connecting with yourself


Each of us is being encouraged to reach out and connect to family friends and acquaintances. And in this action of connecting to others outside of ourselves we can sometimes forget that we need to connect to ourselves as well.

What does that mean to connect to oneself?

For me it means stopping, listening, going quiet and allowing for the space to connect to my heart and to my spirit.

Connecting for me is when I give myself the space to go inside and check-in on myself. 

Here are some of my tips for doing just that :

  1. Stop doing. Try being.
  2. Come into the present moment by feeling your feet on the ground.
  3. Walking in Nature can help to bring you into the moment, if this is hard for you, remember that trees and surrounds have incredible presence and can help to re-connect you to your spirit.
  4. Feel the air around you, listen to the sounds around you, bring all of yourself to this moment.
  5. Listen to your breath, watch your body breathing itself. Enjoy this quiet.
  6. Take some time to listen carefully to what your mind is telling you and decide, choose whether to believe it or not.
  7. Check-in with your heart, how is it feeling, what does it need in this moment?
  8. Observe your body, what does it need?
  9. Connect to your spirit, the very essence of you, through your breath.

Re-acquainting yourself with your Self is a great way to maintain your wellbeing and happiness.

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