Build a foundation of joy


There are so many ways to infuse joy into our lives. And today I will post a list of my best ways to build joy into the foundation of your life.

But may I hasten to add that each of us has to want to be joyous, happy or to feel better. We have to actively look for joy. We have to investigate ways that will bring us moments of joy. For example, going to the gym does not bring me joy, however walking in the bush by the river fills every cell of my body with wonder happiness and joy as I see nature, rocks, trees water and the sky. Woohoo!!!

Cooking 26 jars of marmalade last week brought me so much joy, (who would have thought it), tomato chutney, yes only 4 jars, (joy) and then scones on Saturday. The first scones I have ever made. Not quite joyous, but a deep sense of accomplishment and a little bit of joy. 

I have found that when I am working on purpose I feel incredibly joyful, also when I am able to use my talents, and gifts to help others, brings me a deep sense of joy.

Seeing the roses on the bushes in my courtyard also brings me joy, the trees changing colour, the majesty of nature and the natural environment brings me joy. And truly the list goes on and on. 

I look for joy constantly! Building a foundation of joy on which to base my life.

How do you build joy, moment by moment day by day until your resting vibration is joy? 

Tomorrow I will discuss the Levels of Consciousness, by David R. Hawkins, which is absolutely fascinating.

In the meantime how is your foundation of Joy going?

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